Winter Stress

Hi! The last couple of days have been a bit hectic. Håvard is in China, Joona and Tapani are in Finland and I’m bathing in stuff to take care of. On thursday we’ll post the next blog, maybe even tomorrow, let’s see what can be done. That’s all for now…

…One more thing… in not too long time we will invite all of you, fantastic people, to join a very nice competition. Stay ready and see you soon!


Frank Langånes

Make some good music, and ty some good flies…that will prevent winterdepreson…


Hi from Montana. It’s winter here, too and although I went trout fishing last week, it’s slow. In the mean time I wrote some trout haiku that maybe you can play a tune to?
Check it: I’d like to link to you if that’s okay. Cheers and keep up the good work.


DJM: I’ll try do create some crazy stuff this weekend. Really nice haiku-lyrics you make!


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