Wedding man is back in town

Hello! I’m back again. Have been quite busy the second half of the summer. One of the reasons is that I got married. Actually not only me, my wife also got married. Two is now one. From now on I can never fish or play again.

When I entered our blog after some weeks of “not-checking-and-working-with-the-blog-because-fixing-and-trixing-with-the-wedding”, I noticed that many people had been sending exceptionally good shadow cast-videos! Very nice to see! Many brand new and progressive casts! I’m very curious to see more variations of  the shadow cast and what they will look like. The shadow cast will make the long winter a bit easier, keep up the good work!

I guess there are many guys and girls out there that do feel that they have a natural talent when it comes to the shadow cast, but they just don’t know how to start. Here is a great advice, if I may say so; when creating a new shadow cast – always ask your self this: has anyone ever done this before.

If not – make the cast and record your self! I it is done before – make the video anyway!

Early this summer, me and two friends went to northern Sweden for one week. We had a very nice time, caught several nice fish and chilled out in the nature, far far away from cities, wedding-planning and traffic lights. For those of you who every now and then gets stressed and tired – take a break and go into the wilderness, it really makes you… reborn, I guess you could say. Here are some pictures from that hike! /Fredrik










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