Video! Gig! Fun!

Our last gig at Parken, Gothenburg was great fun!
Parken is a great venue for live music, and the people running the “Parken Jazz Series” of concerts are really commited to bringing quality music to the people. We dig.

Damien at Parken makes videos from all the performances in this concert series – a mix between shots from the show and interviews – and it was really interesting for us to get a fresh video-view on our project. Great work, Damien and Anders (the soundguy)!

Check it out!

JAZZ AND FLYFISHING at Parken Jazz Session #6 from Parken Jazz Sessions on Vimeo.


Tim From Pori

Hey guys,

Coming to Pori Jazz by any chance this summer?

– Fans are waiting

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hi Tim!
We would love to come to Pori and play with J&FF, it´s a great festival. But we´re not planning any Finland gigs this summer. Maybe next year?
Suggestion: send them an e-mail and tell them to book us for 2012!



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