Tour coming up!

It’s time for a tour in Finland now! In a couple of days we’ll be off for some gigs and fishing, and the producers will reveal first glimpses of the JFF television documentary series. We haven’t seen any of it, so it’s pretty exciting. Will we be making fools of ourselves in front of the audience that we will play for? That’s very exciting…

We’ll start off with a gig and a documentary preview in Helsinki and then head for a fishing spot called Eco-Rapids in North-Eastern Finland. The place known for the ecological values in fishing regulations in the area. Despite rather strong fishing pressure the waters and the fish population are kept as natural as possible. We will be visiting some of the many rivers and lakes in the area. Our aim is to catch one of the big trout that swim in those waters. Trout over 60 centimeters is not a rarity there…

After a couple of days of fishing we’ll have another gig in Jyväskylä in Central Finland, again with the documentary as starters. It’s so nice to be on tour again!

Here are some gig details for all of you who want to pay a visit!

Saturday 12.6.2010 19–23 @ Kapsäkki, Hämeentie 68, Helsinki
19:00 TV-documentary preview
21:00 Jazz & Fly Fishing band
Tickets 10 eur from and at the venue

Thursday 17.6.2010 19.30 – 23.30 @ Poppari, Puistokatu 2-4, Jyväskylä
19:30 TV-documentary preview
21:30 Jazz & Fly Fishing band
Tickets 7/5 eur at the venue



Welcome to Finland guys, we’ll be waiting. We take Joona straingt away to Bassoradio’s Lauantai Jazzit, interview at 16:!5… Tune in!


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