The way up

I’m sitting in a café in Northern Sweden, charging some batteries, ready to take off and meet Tapani and Håvard who already have started our northern expedition this year. The apple pie was pure excellence and the coffee is strong. Good stuff!

I left Gothenburg alone this time, as Fredrik had to skip the trip this year. We took a seatrout trip during the week when he had a day off from his gigs. The night was purely magical, and several good-sized trout were active. I hooked and lost at least 10 good trouts but a three-in-a-row in the end made it up a bit. Fredrik the seatrout maestro got the biggest catch, a beautiful trout around 3 kilos. But poor Freddy, he wasn’t too happy of not coming on this trip.

So – I’ll finish my coffee and hit the road. Enjoy some seatrout pics from Gothenburg! Signing off – Gone fishing!


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Man, that shot of Fredrik with the fish is just too strong…


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