The Truth About Jazz & Fly Fishing

The latest issue of This Is Fly, featuring an article that reveals the true story about J&FF

Click here to check out the latest issue of This Is Fly.
In addition to interesting articles, heaps of great photos and the coolest cover art and layout in fly fishing ever, there´s an article written by yours truly!
The piece tells the true story of Jazz & Fly Fishing – past, present and future.
Our household still photographer Fredrik has taken most of the pictures, but Joona took the tipi/rod-picture, and J&FF Friends Antti Harkonen and Dawid Prowadzisz from the Polish Magazine Sztuka Lowienia are also in there with one picture each. Thanks for letting us use your photos, guys!



Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Likewise, Brian. And must say, supercool and original frames like the Holgarama in the issue!

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Yeah, Brian, supercool pics again. Have to get me one of those Holgas!
Do you know anything about the performance of the Holga lense for DSLR which is mentioned under “gear” in the magazine? Would be cool to try for video use if it´s good.

Daniel Jansson

Aah so thats whats been going on! Nice article, nice pics and amazing news, can’t wait to get ahold of that documentary!


You’re welcome, it was a privilege. nice article and even the pic taken by me didn’t manage to ruin it :-). I’m also really waiting for your movie. Keep on Jazzing 😉


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