The Maggots

Two weeks ago, Norway´s first award show dedicated exclusively to fishing was held for the first time at Riksscenen in Oslo. Gullkroken (The Golden Hook) was a great success, and the theatre was jampacked with happy people (mostly men, unfortunately).

Gullkroken was also the debut of The Maggots
, a group of musicians/fishermen that was put together exclusively for the show. Personel (left to right: Lars Lenth, Alexander Engebretsen, Ian Kenneth Åkesson, Andres Rafael Diaz, and yours truly. We performed two songs, Neill Young´s Rocking In the Free World, and Norwegian rapper Diaz´own hit song Mitt Stille Vann (my peaceful lake), which you´ll hear if you check the bootleg cellphone video below.

PS! New video about autumn fly fishing coming soon, so stay tuned.

Later –



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