The jazz bread

The beginning of April 2012 is freezing cold. I have now been fishing quite a lot for a couple of days. I´m not sure it is a good idea, being a musician, to transform the fingers to stiff ice sticks. Can it really be healthy? Maybe somebody out there nows more about it. My legs are heavy and the hands totally dry. When I rub my hands together, it sounds like someone is sharpening a big knife.

The weather has been very crappy lately. And the fish? Well, the first day of April I caught a lot, but after that I have been struggling out there in the water. Every now and then a fish takes the fly, but with the northern wind against me, it is not an easy task to catch.

Since I´m very anxious to catch a huge trout, I hardly bring any food at all. I simply skip that thing. That thing called eating. Then I fish for many hours while snowflakes and rain is falling around me in into the sea. Cold. Yesterday I bought a huge bag of scary sweets instead of bringing descent food. Why? No answer.

I realize I have to change my eating schedule in order the be able to fish in a proper way. There is only one thing that works. Ladies and gents… it is time for…   the very secret jazz bread, a magic bread that will make you catch true sea monsters. Some slices of the jazz bread keeps you going for hours.

It is very easy to make the giant bread, and it is very tasty. Of course you can bake many small breads or baguettes as you like, just remember to change the time in the own. The recipe goes like this:

The Jazz bread

0.7 liter of cold (!) water, not 37 degrees!.

50 gram yeast

2 – 4 dec rye flour

Some spoons of oil, olive or something else

Fennel (if you like fennel)

One carrot (only if you like it)

Whole wheat flour

Sirap or honey, some spoons

3 – 3.5 tea spoons of salt

1. Poor the water in a large mixing bowl or similar. Then add everything except the salt and the wheat flour. Work it for about 3 minutes until the yeast is spread out and it looks like a scary porrige.

2. Add wheat flour while the machine is working the dough. If you work the dough with your hands, you will get strong! The reason to not mentioning a specific amount of wheat flour is because it varies. Sometimes the flour is moist and sometimes very dry. Instead of counting deciliters, just look at the dough and continue to add the wheat flour until the dough looks almost done.

3. Add the salt and let the machine work the dough for about five more minutes.

4. Let the dough rest for about 40 minutes (meanwhile you can fish, wash, study, clean or something totally different)! Cover the dough with a towel or similar.

5. Remove the towel, press with your hands on the dough so that the air goes out. Put the towel back and wait another 40 minutes (time for a running trip?)

6. Turn the own on 200 degrees. place the dough on a regular Put the dough on a regular baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Make it look like something that reminds of a bread – it doesn’t have to be pretty. Put it on the lowest shelf.

7. Check it out after 25 minutes, it probably needs around 30 minutes!

8. Ready to eat! /F

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Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

I like the beard!
And Fredrik´s bread is always super tasty, as is the rest of his cooking.


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