The Curse

Fly fishing can really make you superstitious.
While Tapani, Joona and I had One Magical Day of flyfishing, Fredrik couldn´t catch anything, and got really frustrated. And that´s not normal. Fredrik is a highly skilled flyfisherman, and more often than not, he´s the one who catches the big one.

So there was definitely some strange stuff at work.
Maybe some Sami shaman threw a curse on him – that happens a lot up there. I´ve tried to tell him that it´s absolutely necessary to make a sacrifice if you want to have good fishing in these areas, but Fredrik never listened…



Thats terrible Fredrik, there is nothing worse than a fishing jinx! You made the ultimate sacrifice, a dram of Whisky to a pease the God of fishing, Izaak! I’m sure good look will follow 😀

Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing

It’s a tuff thing to sacrifice whisky during these circumstances. Well, The curse finally disappeared. I got the trout! Or did I?


Haha I’m sure the dram did it’s magic and Iazzk Walton blessed you with the Trout of your dreams fredrik, but I must see…..what happened?


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