The City of Cars, Sausages and Snus

Self Portrait, Train


I´m reporting live (well close enough, anyway) from the train between Oslo and Gothenburg, the city of cars, sausages and snus. Our plan: Rehearse a little bit, do some filming, play a gig at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, and make some decisions about this summer´s fishing and filming.

I´ve been doing a lot of intel on new fishing spots on Nordkalotten lately, and with the help of some of Scandinavian fly fishing´s dark lords of the Sith, I´ve come up with some exciting new alternatives. The amount of spectacular fishing spots on Nordkalotten never ceases to surprise me. The only problem is we can´t do them all. Life´s just too short, and Lapland summers are definitely way too short!

If you´re somewhere around Gothenburg on saturday, come party with us at the film festival! We still have a couple of openings on the band´s guest list, so let us know, and we´ll get you in for free.
Time and place: Yaki-Da, doors open at eleven.


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