The Art Of Fly Casting

The art of fly casting is fascinating, challenging and beautiful. And it’s fun! Some people think it is so fun that they hardly fish anymore, they’re just casting. Hour after hour, cast after cast, no fish. More casting. No fish. I guess many of them are called salmon fishermen.

Anyway, back to the subject! There are billions of ways to cast with a fly rod. You can cast straight forward, upside down, without a rod, the roll cast, the overhand cast, the spey cast… the question is: are there any new casts out there, are there any new and revolutionary ways to use the fly rod? The answer is yes!

People spend their time at grass fields, streets, the grave yard and so on, practicing for hours. But have they ever seen or tried “the shadow cast”?

Guess many of you guys have seen the movie “A river runs through it”!? Brad Pitt is one of the actors in this beautiful film. In this movie, Brad Pitt invents a new and secret cast. He calls it “the shadow cast”. Actually it is Jason Borger doing the casting stunts instead of Brad, but it is nice to believe that Brad invented the shadow cast himself.

However, Brad Pitts shadow cast is not the same as ours, JFFs own and even more secret shadow cast. Yea, you heard right! We have our own shadow cast, maybe the most effective weapon on shy and easily spooked fish. It is a beautiful and very special cast and it takes a while to get comfortable with it. We will explain how to do it later on, but today you’ll only get small glints of it. Small glints of magic! Håvard will show you how to do the basic shadow cast.

The shadow cast can soon be seen on video, here on our blog. Stay ready! It might show up very soon…

Last but not least I want to share something with you. Check out this lady, one of the finest casters ever. Her name is Joan Wulff. Here you can take a look at her:

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Man, i wish i could cast like that =/ got any tips for an eager beginner? haven’t caught my first fish on the fly yet.


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