Strong evidence of seatrout near Copenhagen

Even though I’ve been living here in Copenhagen for about three months, I’ve yet to discover it’s fly fishing possibilities. I’ve heard rumours of big seatrout and I’m dying to find out if there is some nearby. Winter time is supposed to be the time for gathering the information and planning the trips…

…but there’s just a couple of obstacles:

  1. There’s still ice on most places, so I cannot go and see for myself
  2. I don’t know any fly fishers that either live here or have experience of fly fishing near Copenhagen (If you are reading this and identify yourself as one, please drop me a note!).
  3. All my gear is still in Finland.
  4. I would really need a personal interpreter for searching all that information on the internet since my Danish skills are still on a beginner’s level (At least the fisherman jargon).

To get out from the dark and get at least some information,  I watched the dvd “Havsöringens hemligheter” (The seatrouts sectrets), which is about fly fishing seatrout in Denmark.

According to the dvd (you can see a clip here) there is searout everywhere!!! They have underwater cameras showing big schools of fish streaming the coastline. And stretching my Danish skills to the extreme (and a bit of google translator), I was able to find this Danish fishing blog, which proves at least that the pike is here.


Tue Rasmussen

Dear Tapani. I’m the part-owner of the homepage ( and just noticed your refference on your always exciting blog. Yes im a happy reader, and have been it for a while. Very good job and your way of combining your two passions is just sooo amazing. Those videos are to die for!!

Listen, my english is really good and I would love to tell you everything you need to know to get a grip of the danish seatrout-fishing on the fly!! We also have some wicked pike-fishing atm, and if you could find the time I could set you up! Only thing is that i live in Aarhus, and the river we fish in is in this area so you would need to come to Jutland!!

<feel free to give me a call and we can talk about seatroutfishing whitch can be really tricky sometimes. But the top-season is just around the corner and there will be a really good change of hooking up one of those Silver-beauties 🙂

Best regards
Tue Rasmussen


Hi there Tue!
That’s really great! Just sent you a mail about this. Looking forward to talking to you!


Martin Joergensen


Copenhagen is not necessarily the best starting point for a sea trout trip in Denmark, but since we have the ocean right outside our doors, there is the odd spot where they can be targeted close to town.
But if you invest in a 30-40 minute drive, you can find some excellent sea trout coast.

As Tue wrote: it can be tricky. We depend a lot on the weather and in particular the wind, and getting to know the locations and the optimum conditions are not easily learned. It pays to get a local contact. I’m a Copenhagen resident myself and would be pleased to point you in the right direction(s).

Right now things are still pretty stale, but the reports are starting to tick in…



Hi there! First of all very interesting website and post! I have recently moved to Copenhagen and have the same issues (no knowledge of Danish and intentions to fly fishing here) I would like to get introduced to or start a fishing group.



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