Street Life

Still cold in southern Sweden and fly fishing has to wait. Me and Freddy are planning a fly tying session soon. The boxes need to be filled for the upcoming JFF adventures. There will be a trip to a secret location in Scandinavia in the summer and also some saltwater fishing for something else than “the usual” trout and arctic char. My fishing fever is getting really bad now and is not getting better by all the emails where we discuss the possible options for our upcoming trips.

To let off some steam, me and my friend Anders participated in a streetphotography happening in Gothenburg today. It was a cold day with a chilly wind and some snowfall, perfect for thinking about something else than midnight sun and rising trout. This USA inspired “photo walk” was arranged by the Swedish photographer Mats Alfredsson, who is a real street photo specialist. Around 200 photography enthusiasts gathered and went around to take photos and have a good time. So in the wait for warmer times, here are a couple of shots from todays street life:


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