Stomach Flu in Gothenburg

Small Head


Just back from Gothenburg, where we recorded the soundtrack for our upcoming DVD (working title: Season 2 – F***ed for Life) and did some additional shooting – interviews and such.

Despite Fredrik and me getting sick
with some kind of stomach flu that we probably got from Joona (thanks, man!), we were highly productive this time. Joona and fredrik had brought all sorts of exotic instruments, and we had a blast, jamming out lots of weird and wonderful tracks between the many toilet visits. Many of the tracks have a kind of fake ethno feel. Well, let´s see what we think when we hear the final mix – it might turn out to be mostly unusable crap, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

Some more pics:



On the You Tube clip for Slow Walking Water the intro is 40secs only. Is there more to that melody. It is beautiful, but far too shortl. More details please

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Tapani composed and recorded that tune specifically for that video. Tapani plays all the instruments himself except the lead guitar, which is done by a friend of his from Copenhagen. Maybe Tapani can tell us more?


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