Spring in the Upper Itchen

May 30th: Finally back at the Upper Itchen!
As you can see from the video, the ice and snow has just melted, and the colours of the landscape are still very dull. The ground around the river is still frozen, so the water isn´t too warm…
But sure enough, once the wind dies down, the feathermidges start hatching and the trout starts rising. I caught several good fish on this first real dry fly day of the season.

Two days later, I was joined by my cousin Dagfinn, and Erlend Welde from the excellent Norwegian blog www.utras.net. The weather was even colder than the first day, and the action was much slower. We still managed to force a decent number of fish to take our buzzers and hatching midges, but the average size of the fish was a little bit smaller than the first day.
Great fun!

Some pictures:

Next stop: Ransarån!



Nice one Håvard!

Can’t wait to get to Ransarån in just a couple of days!


Havard- Greetings from Seattle! Which line/taper are you casting? Your presentations always lay down nicely.



Hi Terry! Well, my presentations are not always that nice…but thanks!
The line I´m currently using is called Guideline Highwater. It´s a longbelly WF line. It´s pretty good.
I also tie my own leaders according to a certain system, and that really helps me with the presentations. I´ll do a blog post about it soon.
Best –



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