Spring fishing in Ransarån

Vegard Veberg from the Norwegian magazine Jakt & Fiske came with me to the spectacular lower Ransarån in late May 2009. He wrote an excellent article about our adventures , and it was published in the latest issue of Jakt & Fiske. You can se a preview on their website: http://jaktogfiske.net/id/1804.0

PS! Tapani and yours truly are going there in early June this year, and I´m really looking forward to that trip! The fishing there is pretty tricky and very exciting – sight-fishing in crystal clear water with big arctic char and trout cruising along the banks. Poor Joona and Fredrik are busy with other stuff, and cannot make it. I guess they´re kind of jealous…  Mohahahahhahahahahah! Mohahahahah! Mohahahahhahaha!

Ransarån is just one of the interesting waters in the Kultsjödalen area. Satsån, Vojmån, Kultsjöån, Saxån and the Stekkenjokk plateau are other places where it´s well worth spending a week or two.

You can check out Ransarån and the Kultsjödalen area here: www.kultsjogarden.se/index.php




Man, that’s going to be something. Any suggestiones for flies, or is it the usual small mayfly/caddis variations? Is it the period for that very big mayfly subspecies?


Well – in general it´s very small flies all the way. Grey/olive/brown/black nymphs and dries, no bigger than 16, and most often smaller.
There might be quite a few stoneflies, so some greyish, bushy dries in sizes 12 – 16 can also work. Elk Hair Caddis can work if the fish are up for these. But mostly the tiny flies. There might also be a few early, small mayflies, but that isn´t very likely to happen.


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