Spring Depression…

… or maybe you can call it pre-spring depression. Do you recognize the following things:

1. The food doesn’t taste as much as usual. Everything you eat feels like chewing grandmas one week old porridge.

2. You cannot sleep very good, every night you wake up and scream (very loud horrible sounds).

3. When you talk to people you don’t understand anything, all you here is bla bla ice bla ice ice bla bla.

4. You don’t recognize your self when you look into the mirror – instead you see a big grey fish that smiles back at you.

5. The madness is growing, it gets bigger and bigger every second.

Well, do you feel like this? In that case… maybe you should go to the doctor. So should I. The same goes for Håvard, Tapani and Joona.

Anyway, dear folks – We have a problem in Gothenburg! I know that you suffer with us when I tell you what it is about: the ice is still not gone!!! We can’t fish with our fly rods!! It is very bad! Very very bad!

If you take a look at the depression-list again, I have to admit that I lately have experienced number 4! A big grey slimy fish smiles back at me while I’m brushing my teeth. Is this normal?

Now, how shall we solve this “ice-problem”? The first of april we are finally allowed to fish for sea trout again. It is always forbidden during the late autumn, the whole winter and in early spring. That day is the only reason I go up every morning and eat breakfast (not totally true) and now there is a risk that it wont be possible to fish!

In one of the pictures below you see the harbor of Gothenburg. As you can see, there is no ice there but it is only because it’s a big river. In many places where we want to fish it is still 30 cm thick ice! The light is beautiful though…

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