We’ve been contacted by people all over the world who share our passions of music and fishing! We are not alone! Check out this for instance: jazz saxophone player Dylan Rose’s blog and site “Skate the Fly”. Great reading!



Aha – great site! Getting in touch with cool people like that is the best part of running a site like this.


So nice to find brother’s who like fly fishing. If you don’t mind we can meet in Oslo at Herr Nilsen and talk som fishing summer 2010.

Best regards from


I hope you didn´t even think you were alone. There are plenty of us, who share your passion to jazz and fly fishing.
When I was a teenage rock’n roll drummer I didn´t know about fly fishing. Then I gave up music and started to fish. Now, after decades, I try to do both: practice jazz and fish.
I love your site. And your music. I only wish I could hear more of it.
Please, keep sending me these great letters.


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