Some trout in the town

I’ve been sick now for about a week. It didn’t stop me from fly fishing or playing jazz. Last week I went to Germany with a traditional jazz-band. Man, germans really do know how to treat a musician – always friendly people over there I have to say! Then, back in Sweden with fever, two friends and a strange creature, I was fishing in the beautiful weather. Finally a descent trout! I’m cured! Later this week we’ll talk more about the strange creature. /Fredrik

P.S If you think that the pics are a bit bad quality, its probably because I used the phone this time. The trout fell for the angry worm-pattern…



Superb trout Fredrik!! Next week will be my first trip after sea trout this season. With all the low water about it will probably will be a night foray to the River Wear below Durham city….nothing like the sound of big sea trout crashing around in the dark!! ;D


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