Signs of Life

After a long, dark winter things are finally starting to look better. Today it’s vernal equinox, and the lighter 6 months are ahead of us! Two weeks ago I saw the first flying insects this year, me and Fredrik have filled our fly boxes for the seatrout season, and the lakes are inevitably losing their ice cap. Good times ahead!


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Great shots, man! Is the pic “Maiden Flight” taken with your new Meyer Görlitz 135mm lense (aka “The Bokeh Monster”)? The out of focus areas look really nice on that one.

Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

You’re right Håvard, it’s my new/old Meyer Görlitz zebra lens. I’ll post some more photos soon with some creamy ‘bokeh’ 🙂 Actually the seatrout “fence” is also shot with that and slightly stopped down it’s a pretty sharp lens (hard to see on these low resolution images).


I’ve been practicing shadow casts for six months now. That means that I will be able to do some lethal fishing no matter hos bad the conditions/situations are. Be sure to use safety goggles when I’m present. I also have Fredrik’s #7/8 rod with a piece of coconut in it, maybe I’ll have to defend myself with some shadowcasting to avoid getting sodomized by Fredrik.


Lovely foto’s indeed, especialy the shrimp pattern!
I’d love to see more tying sequences, but i’ll gladly take anything you trow at me 😉
your CD is great by the way, i’m looking forward to hearing more from you!


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