RISE was Nice!

The European part of the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival 2011 is over and on behalf of all of us in Jazz & Fly Fishing, I want to say thanks to Nick for including our Season One preview in the festival.

I attended the Oslo show, and it was certainly a night to remember, with spectacular fly fishing scenes on the big screen, lots of old and new friends, and more than a couple of beers (at least for me).

Nick, who runs the festival, turned out to be a really cool guy, and since we plan to go Down Under in 2011, his vast knowledge of the waters of Australia and New Zealand might come in handy…

We also discussed some exciting future plans – more on that later.

Joona took some pics from the Gothenburg show (I also had a camera with me in Oslo, but forgot to take pictures – I had too much fun):

The guys from the Swedish fly fishing magazine Allt om Flugfiske were there, and they made a short film of the Gothenburg show:



Hope to see more festivals like this in the future, I had a great time. And hope to the see that JFF short film shown at the festival again… DVD with “Best Of” your stuff is on my Christmas list…


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