Rider on the Storm

Hi! Here´s a video from the reharsals for Sorga kler Elektra, the theatre play I´m part of right now.
In the video, we see Torbjørn Eriksen, who plays Orin Mannon, performing The Doors´ 1971 rock classic
Riders on the Storm, along with some random shots from the play. The video was made by someone from the theatre (I was playing the guitar when they made it, and didn´t even notice them filming).

The premiere was last saturday, and I´m happy to say that the rewiews have been totally overwhelming.
Norway´s major theatre critics (who are not an easily pleased bunch) wrote things like “sensationally good, personal theatre”, a “theatre-jazz-jam from hell”, that the experience was “like being sucked into a dark river”, that “this is theatre at an international level”, and that it is “elegant, innovative and disturbingly beautiful”. And so on.

Good times!

PS! Release of Season One is drawing closer. Stay tuned!


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks, Espen! Yeah, it´s a lot of fun and a very intense experience.

Checked out your work on your site now – awesome stuff! I like really like your take on nature and perception.


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