Prague ahead

I’m soon off to Prague in Czech Republic, to have a few days of holiday with my family and relatives. A great opportunity to get away from this hectic everyday life of jazz and fly fishing. But look what I found: this weekend there is a big fly fishing competition/happening in the middle of Prague, called Fish Festival (no, I’m not attending!). Also, since Prague is a city filled with jazz clubs, concerts and jam sessions, I guess it will be difficult to totally avoid jazz too.

Since this is my first time in Prague, I’d appreciate all tips when it comes to jazz clubs, music shops, fishing tackle shops, restaurants, pubs…


Fish on at the Fish Festival 2009 (picture from


Ivan (in Tromsø)

Hi Håvard. How was your holiday in Prague with your family and friends? Did you find any nice vintage clubs in Prague? Anyone you would like to recommend? I`m eager to see you and your group on stage here in Tromsø soon. Are you coming?
Give your family all my best wishes.

Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hi Ivan! I’m afraid it was not Håvard, but me (Joona) who was in Prague. Anyway, I had a great time, though I didn’t go to as many jazz clubs as I expected. I hope to see you in Tromsø soon! /Joona


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