Poland in pictures 2: The River San

The final destination on our tour was the river San in Poland. A big fly fishing festival was held there, with lots of fishermen fishing, hanging out and partying. We were introduced to lots of different fly fishing techiques, mostly with nymphs: polish nymphing, czech nymphing, french nymphing… However, our “Nordic” approach with long leaders and dry flies worked just as well. The biggest “problem” was the HUGE hatches. We had read about the massive hatches at San, but when we saw it in real life we couldn’t believe our eyes. At times the water surface looked like a porridge of mayflies. And we only could see what was happening on top of the surface! Every second the grayling and trout had dozens of flies to pick from in their feeding field, and that made the situation tricky for the poor fly fisherman with one single fly at the end of his line…

Thanks to all our new Polish friends, you were fantastic hosts! You sure know how to drink the vodka, but when you come to Finland we’ll see who’s who in the sauna!


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Good shots, J!
Man, the last picture, from the car going to the airport:
I haven´t been that beat since our big tour in 2009…

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

I got a slight retrospective headache just from looking at the polish water picture…

Alan Cayn

Wonderful photos! Fly fishing and music what a perfect match. I have recorded three cds of fly fishing folk songs, Hey! A Fish!, Streamside Confession and most recently The Last Cast. Please come and visit my website or on Facebook search for Fly N’ Folk Music.

Keep your fly wet!!!


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