Petzi, China & Sweden

I know there has been some rumours that I am in China. This is simply not true.
I am currently in Oslo, Norway, and I was recently in Stockholm, Sweden mixing a new album with Jupiter, another band I play with (that´s Jonas Kullhammar on saxophone, Steinar Nickelsen on Hammond organ, Magnus Forsberg on drums, and yours truly on the guitar).

However, I am going to China with my own Håvard Stubø Quartet on friday, and I´m really excited about this tour. We´re doing 12 gigs in places like Shanghai, Kunming, Wuhan, Ningbo and Beijing. It´s gonna be a blast! No fly fishing, though… Does anybody know any good places to go (fly) fishing in China?

Our producer, Petzi,
has gotten himself a brand new DSLR camera: a Canon 60D with a 17-55 mm f2.8 lens. He was out testing the thing in Helsinki last weekend, and shot this really cool video of the Ricky-Tick Big Band. It´s hard to believe that this video is shot completely handheld with just one camera, but Petzi somehow managed to pull it off with some creative editing. Some really nice big band music, too.

Check it out:

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That was an excellent video, made me feel like I was there in the crowd enjoying some excellent big band jazz. Thanks!


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