Pattegrisen – The Pink Pig

This shrimp fly has created a huge buzz among the seatrout fishermen in Denmark and Sweden. It’s a kind of a trendy fly that the fashion-conscious big seatrout are drooling for. Of course we  are following the latest trends and I’ve tied a couple of these pink pigs. I will try them and report the results as soon as the season starts here in the west coast of Sweden.

Here are the ingredients of the Pattegrisen (as seen on the great sea trout fishing film by Niels Vestergaard, Sea Trout Secrets #4. You can see the detailed tying instructions on the film, too. Strongly recommended!):

  • Hook: saltwater hook
  • Thread: pink
  • weight: lead wire on the underside of the hook
  • butt: teal
  • back hackle: Whiting spey hackle, salmon pink
  • “antennas”: sand colored ultrahair
  • eyes: shrimp eyes (burned and colored 0.35-0.40 mm nylon line)
  • rib: thin nylon line
  • body: fluo shell pink SLF Saltwater dubbing
  • back: pink EP fibres or antron yarn


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