Painting and cooking in Gbg

I have been painting a little bit; it was a while ago now! In the beginning it went really bad, and a destroyed paper after paper in furious anger. After a while, I started to get the hang of it. Will continue and see what will come. I uploaded some of the latest paintings. I think that daily practice will pay of!

Today it is Sunday and I’m having two friends for dinner. One of them is Prince, the bass player from South Africa. He was supposed to fly home yesterday but he didn’t find his passport (!). The other one is Leon, an old friend to me who is very hard to please when it comes to cooking. But this time it is cool, I have already planned what to cook! We are going to start up with a very nice swede soup, not Swedish but basically made of the rout fruit swede. After that is says calf schnitzel, roasted root fruits with fresh herbs and a sauce made of mushrooms from the forest and red wine. And the dessert… well, have not planned that yet, lets see! As I am a friendly man/boy/santa/trout/drummer, I am now going to share the nice recipe on the soup! Ingredients:

A generous piece of butter

Some olive oil

One big onion

One swede (about 500 – 600 gr.)

Some garlic

Cream, 3 dl (real crème, not the fake ones!)

White wine, 2 dl

About 6 dl water

Black pepper

Broth after the amount of juice

A small piece of fresh chili

The soup is very easy to make! Do like this:

  1. Take a big pot with a belonging lid…
  2. Put butter and olive oil in the pot
  3. Shell the onion and the swede and chop in big pieces
  4. Put on the heat under the pot, not to hot and mot to warm!
  5. Add the onion and the garlic after the butter has melt
  6. Wait 5 minutes
  7. Add the swede and put the wine on top of it!
  8. Raise the temperature and let the wine reduce
  9. Add water, cream, pepper, chili and broth – place the lid on the pot. Lower the heat!
  10. Let it boil in about 25 minutes. Meanwhile you can read, run or tie some flies (nothing else!)
  11. Take a blender and blend the substance in the pot.
  12. Taste and add what is needed in order to make it rich. If the thick soup feels a bit “thin”, I mean the taste of it… then add some (not much) scratched Muscat nut (is that the right word?) and taste again.
  13. When you eat, it can be nice to squeeze some fresh lime over the soup. Enjoy!

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