I had a day off and decided to go for a fishing trip to a put and take lake to let out some fishing steam. My usual fishing buddy Fredrik was busy with other stuff, but luckily I found a “victim” from the jazz club a few days earlier. My old friend Johan, who usually plays the trumpet or the drums, has gone into the world of hunting lately. I convinced him that fishing is just a variation of hunting, and after a beer or two he had decided to join me and go for the rainbow trout this time.

I picked him up when it was still dark and we were by the water already before the sun was up. The temperature was -5 degrees celsius and the coffee tasted better than ever. I was armed with two fly rods and he with a spinning rod. The day turned out to include all possible weather types, from dead calm and sunny to windy, rain, and we even had a pretty heavy snowfall for a half an hour. The fishing was not really happening, but I managed to catch 2 decent rainbow trouts and lost a pretty good one just before heading home. Johan lost a good fish, and I think he got bitten by the fishing bug.

Today he’s been out with Fredrik on a “protect the nature by fishing dozens of rainbow trout” trip, and I received a message telling that Johan had got the biggest rainbow for a day, nearly 3 kilos. Freddy, tell us more!



Johan Holmberg

I have most certainly been bitten by the fishing bug after the two amazing fishing trips this week with my two old friends. I’ve decided to give fly fishing a serious try and Fredrik has promised to teach me the first steps in mastering a fly rod and I can’t wait to get out there! For the record, Fredrik caught six nice rainbows and I got four (two in the dark) all weighing about 1 1/2 to 3 kilos.


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