Northern Magic

I just got this mail from Håvard, who is up in Northern Norway. He seems to be having a good time… I’m looking forwad to seeing his pics & video from this trip!

It´s so magical up here now! The sun is shining through my window as i write this. It´s midnight.
I was just on the fjord fishing for halibut with two friends. No halibut, but 4 cod from 10 to 15 kg!
Huuuuge schools of sei, millions, literally. The ocean was boiling! I got serious materiaali!!! No flyfishing though, but I guess it doesn´t matter. Going out for a beer now – it´s totally impossible to go to sleep up here now – the sun is shining 24/7 and people are crazy.
Good times!!! /Håvard

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