Northern Exposure

I´m heading up there for 10 days of northern exposure again! Big arctic char and brown trout rising steadily in the magical midnight sun – ahhhhhhhh! I´m super excited!
I´ll bring the camera, so there might some videoclips coming up in the not-too-distant future.
Since I´m still All By Myself, you shouldn´t expect too much from the upcoming clips, though – filming myself with the DSLR while fishing for super selective arctic char in gin-clear water isn´t easy. But I´ll give it a go.

Last year, I caught this beauty on one of the spots I hope to visit if the weather up north behaves properly (it rarely does, unfortunately):

Serious Lapland Trout! Photo by Roger Bråthen

Soon, Jazz & Fly Fishing will embark on an epic journey into undiscovered country. Stay tuned!



Hi Håvard!

I really like your films and it’s a pity that no one is joining you to film (“bastards”). What you could do is to use a GoPro helmet cam which you can wear on head or body, it’s amasingly good quality and a agile way of documenting your ventures.

Keep up the good work.

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Nice. Keep us posted.
25C in cph.
I’m going to the bar.

Bjørn Audun

Jeg kan bære utstyret ditt, samt filme hele veien! Er langt nord selv….


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