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I´ve made myself a brand new website. It´s called, and features music, videos and info from my musical life outside J&FF. The site itself is really nothing special, but you might find some music there that you´ll like. Check it out!

I also made a video from my own Håvard Stubø Quartet´s Japan tour this January. We had some serious Lost in Translation-moments over there… Japan is just so beautiful! Most of the shots are from Shinjuku and Shiboya areas in Tokyo. Remember to watch in HD!

Music: Ringormens Vals (T. Zetterberg) from Håvard Stubø Quartet Spring Roll Insomnia BLGCD016

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Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Congrats Håvard, the site looks really nice!!

To reuse some of Håvard’s own words, I put it like this:
For all of you who like the music of J&FF, check out Håvard’s other projects as well, you WILL find music that you like!


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