Friday Jazz: John Coltrane Quartet "Resolution" Live!

Hi, and happy new year!

Let´s be honest: January sucks. At least in the northern hemisphere. It´s cold and boring. And at 68°26.3028′ N, where I´m sitting as I´m writing this, it´s pretty damn dark, too.
And everybody´s flat broke, hung over and fat after Christmas´ insane excesses. Well, at least things are moving in the right direction.

Here´s some music for you:

This is a rare live video of John Coltrane´s legendary quartet playing Resolution, the second part of his 1964 masterpiece A Love Supreme. Too bad that the video cuts before Trane´s solo, but seeing and hearing him playing the theme is more than enough for me. And what a band… Unbelievable.

PS! Going to Gothenburg on thursday to meet the other guys, record some soundtrack material for season 2, and plan upcoming stuff. It´s gonna be a blast!
We´ll keep you posted.


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