Midwinter Madness

The fishing madness gets worse this time of the year. All you can do is tie flies, watch fishing movies, plan fishing trips etc.

One of the worst things that can happen a flyfisherman are the nightmares. You know, when you dream of a fishing trip: rising big trout, you open the fly box and find it empty. No flies at all. Nothing. You try to tie a fly, but you can’t find the material. It gets dark. Fish stop rising. Panic. Finally you wake up sweatty and realize it was a nightmare. The unconscious mind knows when the fly boxes need to be filled. So I made a new year’s promise: I will tie at least two flies per day in average. So far so good, I think I’ve tied nearly a hundred flies this year. I’m sleeping better, too.

One good thing with this time of the year is all the glittering Christmas decorations. They are cheap and excellent material for fly tying. Big streamers, nymph backs, dubbing… Now that all the shops want to get rid of that stuff it’s even cheaper and I’ve bought lots and lots!

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Hahahahaha! I love the nightmare pic! Where did you get that Amish-looking hat? Great stuff!


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