Midnight Halibut

Ahhh, those magical summer nights above the arctic circle…
This time, my friends Vegard, Terje and I went for the halibut on the Ofotfjorden, and came back on shore just in time for a couple of beers. Life up north is good this time of year!

Music: “Tapdance” (Tapani Toivanen)
Performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

You´ve got a point, Freddie.
I was too goddamn busy filming, that´s why. The #3 rod and the midge pupae box were at hand, but I just didn´t get around to it. Next time!

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Never saw the sea boiling like that. Very cool!
It’s going to be lots of turskapannu for dinner, I suppose.


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