Making Movies: Fly Fishing Short Film Now Online!


Since we’re going away now for some ten days fishing in the norwegian tundra, we decided to give you a special treat: A very exclusive fly fishing short movie titled Slow Walking Water.

Håvard Stubø from JFF goes for the big trout of Ransarån in swedish lapland. The movie tries to capture the mood and soundscape of the journey.

This was my first attempt to shoot a short film, and it was basically just a field test for the equipment (Canon 550d/T2i, Beyerdynamic MC 930 pair, JuicedLink, Edirol). I had to be quite heavy with the directing since Håvard was talking all the time and he is supposed to be the only one there in the film…

The soundtrack was done in Copenhagen with a great norwegian guitar player, Magnus Wiik. He first came up with the theme in solo and I built the rest of the sounds and instruments later on top of it.

So there you have it. Fly fishing short movie. No real plot for this time, only mood from the beautiful river.

Any comments and feedback is welcome.

Tapani Toivanen
Jazz & Fly Fishing



Wow!! Damn you’re good. I Loved it! The flycasting scene was a beauty.
That is a really nice rig you got there with the Canon and the soundsystem.


Man, you’re good! You even managed to make me look really cool – and that can’t have been easy!


Brilliant! Nice atmosphere! One thing is wondering me… how on earth you managed to keep Håvard that quiet all that time ;-). Keep on jazzing!


Thanks for the positive comments! All credits to the H-man, Magnus, Nature and the stonefly. I will continue based on this.

By the way Terje, if you look closely, you can spot yourself in one of the shots. On the next ransarån trip, you will be the main character.


Antti: I didn’t. I wasted half of the material because of talking, babbling, singing & the regular… No but seriously, maybe it was only 1/3 of the material. This movie shows a whole different side of Håvard.


Beautiful. I’just back from one weeks fishing in the mountains of central Norway. Can’t wait to get back, especially after seeing this.


Wow, just an amazing video! I just came back from the summerlike Ransarån and I already miss the place.


It’s so cool to make this type of fishing movie. I doubt it’s ever been done before. I really like the realistic “film noir” feeling.

Mark Grimes

Nice one! You did great on choosing fly fishing as your hobby and recreational activity being with a band! Fly fishing is definitely a great hobby for anyone who has passion for fishing. You get unwind from work and stressed of the previous wake.


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