Magical Summer Days in Lapland

The last couple of weeks, I’ve made several 2-3 days expeditions into undiscovered country up north. Some successful, and some not-so-successful.

On one of these trips I stumbled upon a real treasure: a series of beautiful, small lakes, all connected by a little stream. They turned out to be  filled with my favourite species – the arctic char. And big ones, too…

This area lies far from the nearest road in a pretty remote area, and there were no traces of humans to be found anywhere.

The fishing in these clearwater lakes for arctic char is usually very tricky, but since there was lots of caddis around, and even a decent hatch of the gigantic Phryganea Grandis caddis, we had a hell of a lot of fun. We hooked and landed several big arctic char, and kept a couple for dinner. These fish were super strong fighters, and one of the big ones did several high jumps in the air during the fight. Since these fish are some of the brightest coloured fish I’ve ever caught, it was an amazing sight (if only I had a camera rolling…)!

The flies that worked best was the magical Ismopuppa and the Streaking Caddis on a longshank #6 (!) hook.

Another expedition coming up tomorrow…



Magical indeed! Seems almost too good to be true! Big up on that excellent fishing.


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