Lost in Translator

As we saw in Fredrik´s latest issue of JFFFN, web-based translators like Google Translator and Yahoo´s BabelFish can create some really interesting pieces of text, especially when they are used to translate languages that are very different from each other. Like Chinese and English, for example.

In China, they use these translators a lot. Most public texts, like roadsigns and restaurant menus, are written in both Chinese and English.  Sometimes the translators work, but in most cases the results are completely absurd and totally hilarious. Great fun!

Here are some examples from my recent tour in China:



Haha! I definitely would skip that plane o.O …just in case… Perhaps Justin Case is selling insurances at the airport, who knows.

Tappi Toivanen

The rest of the world should follow china’s example. The texts are so much more fun this way. (Maybe the airliner texts are a bit borderline for some people :))


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