Learning Fly Casting

Can you learn fly casting in just 2 hours? Apparently you can.

One of our missions at J&FF is to teach every jazz musician how to fly fish. In just two hours in separate occations, my friend Joel (who is also a great jazz bass player!) learned the basics. And as you can see in the video below, he’s not only doing a decent back casting, but also the double haul & the reverse cast!

Nice! This is a clear message to anyone who thinks learning fly casting is difficult.

The Student

The Student

The Teacher

The Teacher

The Fly Caster:

The Bass Player:


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Impressive! He´s a natural.

The glasses-removing harmonics are also impressive.


beautiful, can’t believe thats just after two hours!!! My girlfriend’s 7 year old daughter Alice, loves fishing I think Santa is going to bring her a fly rod!

Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Bass playing and fly casting – isn’t that a lot about rhythm and timing? In Norman Maclean’s “A River Runs Through It” the boys are learning fly casting to a metronome.

And apparently the glasses don’t only protect your eyes of hooks, but also of some dangerous jazz licks 😉


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