I was at the Swiss Alps last week skiing down the beautiful mountains.
Saw some nice rivers from the train… wonder if there would be any fish there?

Landscape No1

Landscape No2

I tried the stitching technique for these landscapes.

550D, Canon 50mm f/1.4.



Hi guys. Now that I can comment, I just wanted to say thanks for the scenery shots. Nice to be able to travel from your front room.


Austrian Stephan

Hi from Österrike!
Since I always like your pics and I am also interested in photography…what is the stitching technique?

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hey Austrian,
the photo stitching technique is used to combine many frames to get one single wider angle shot. So in my case one of the landscapes are each combined from six different shots. You can combine the photos by matching the overlapping features and blending.


Hi from Switzerland
Very nice scenery photos. Deep in the valley hanging clouds and snow powdered winter-forest – I love my country!
You ask if there any fish in the small mountain-creeks? YES – there are, almost in every creek! There are not the big ones but the beautiful black and red spotted brook trout or char. In the bigger creeks you can catch grayling too. But – in Switzerland winter is off-season for fishing in all the mountain creeks. The trout, char and grayling are spawning and have a hard time with low and icy water. It has several hashery-fish stocked mountain-lakes they have the possibility to go ice-fishing. This is not my turn – it’s too cold for me. At this time I go to the swiss middle land lakes (Bielersee, Neuenburgersee) to fish for whitefish or laketrout. Yo see – we have a lot of fishing possibilities in Switzerland – like other countries too.

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks for the intel, elscan! We´d love to come to Swizerland to play and fish sometime, it´s a beautiful country!


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