It’s getting closer and closer. I count every week, day, minute and second. Maybe not the seconds to be honest, then I’ll go mad. Last week I woke up believing I was fighting a big trout – the madness is not far away after all…

What is it that drives to you mad and restless this time of the year? I’m of course talking about the sea trout season that starts the first of april!

I have spent a couple of hours tying flies during the winter. Last season I came up with some “new” patterns that worked surprisingly well. Actually these patterns are now my favorite patterns when it comes to sea trout fishing. Of course I didn’t invent them, these flies are more like variations of patterns that already exist (like most of the “new” flies of today) but the fact remains: they are very effective. They are… the bomb as Håvard would have put it.

We will do some advanced fly tying videos during this spring. That is a huge challenge! Is it really possible to create a fly tying video that is fun to watch? I’m not sure… or I am pretty sure – it is not possible to make a fly tying video fun to watch! We will do it anyway! If we won’t succeed, you can laugh at us instead!

Here are some samples of what the magic flies look like and their names. I have to say I’m very fond of the name Get-Olle, do you like it to?


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

The Get-Olle series looks very promising!
Looking forward to testing it on our seatrout trip to Sweden´s west coast in early April. That session is gonna be a lot of fun for sure!


Wow they look incredible Fredrik, very very different from our UK sea trout flies. Over here we normally use very lightly dressed flies, blue and silver and black and silver being the most popular colours.


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