JFF Flying News

Yep, from now on we’ll start up a small news magazine every month. The name of the magazine is Jff Flying News.

Jff Flying News or “JFFFN” will be posted the 14th day of the month – every month – forever. It will take up important stuff but also crap information. You decide what’s important and what’s crap, that’s the cool thing with JFFFN. It’s a wrap. I’m afraid our first news magazine might be a bit thin, I’m truly sorry about that! Well, enough talking, let’s begin!

JFF Flying News (special edition)

* Håvard Stubø, maniac from Norway, should be a world record holder in number of broken fly rods. What is the number? answer: 22!!

* Speaking of world records – The german guitar player Vicente Patiz just made a new record when it comes to playing concerts in as many countries as possible within 24 hours. The new record? Answer: 8 countries!!

…and thats the end of the JFFFN this time. I said it was going to be thin. Don’t miss the next number of JFFFN, it will have more content and more nice pictures, tight lines! /Fredrik

JFF Flying Cat



Hei guys. So this was the special record issue of JFFFC. Nice, but tell us the story about the cat?


This is Fredrik, Boss and creative leader of JFFFN. You do have a relevant question, Ari! The cat, or more correct, the JFFFC, is actually hunting something important up there in the air. The JFFFC is chasing a butterfly! He didn’t catch that time… The name of the cat is Axel and the photo is taken this summer. Axel is born to be a JFFFC!


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