JFF-Flying News 2011 – nr 1

Very welcome to the very first JFFFN of 2011, the year of years! We wish you all a fantastic year with lots of big fish and beautiful music. Here are the latest and most important news in the world. Feel free to contact us if you have some new and as important stuff to tell!

0. We don’t have anything here.

1. The loch ness-monster has still not been caught. Maybe it will be possible to catch it on a dry fly?

2. The JFF-team just had a meeting this weekend. I guess you’ll see some of it later this week… Lots of stuff has been planned, we will visit many countries this year, something we look forward to. You will hear more about this soon!

3. Paul Hogan, perhaps more famous as Crocodile Dundee, is planning to charge Australia for 100 million swedish crowns. That is about 14.5 million dollar or 11.2 million euro. Let’s not forget that the guy is a talented fisherman, probably he’ll spend the money on dynamite.

4. When you fish you don’t age. (we all knew that already)

5. The JFF-quartet will make a tour in September this year. We will visit Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France and maybe some other countries.

6. A trout can be fat but also very thin. Many of these thin trout often have a very big head compared to the size of the fish. There is a now a name for this look: monkey wrench trout or just monkey wrench

JFF Flying Cat

That’s all for now, folks! I suspect that there will be a new video blog tomorrow.


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Hey guys have you thought of coming to the North of England? One place you could try is the city of Leeds, because of its Collage of Music it has some great live Jazz venues such as “The Wardrobe” and whats even better its right next to the Yorkshire Dales and wonderful rivers such as the Nidd, Swale and the Ure. More north still is Newcastle which has a great live music scene plus your next to the Tyne ans the Tees and loads of other rivers all you need to do after that is head for the Highlands of Scotland!


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