Jazz, no fly fishing

My idea was to finish off the season by spending a day or two fishing rainbow trout in a couple of lakes near Gothenburg. But this year the winter came early and there’s no fighting against mother nature. It’s -12 degrees centigrade outside and I guess I must sit down, tie some flies, and wait for the spring to come.

From my point of view, winter has always been the time of year when I compose, practice and play a lot. Right now I’m finishing a new composition for big band, and as you know we’re working on the J&FF album that will be released in February.

Something excites me a lot at the moment is that we just released a new album (and a new website) with the Joona Toivanen trio! Tapani from JFF is also the bass player in that band, and the drummer Olavi Louhivuori is known from the Polish trumpet legend Tomasz Stanko’s band. The new album At My Side was released by the Italian-American label CAM Jazz (that has nothing to do with our Jazzcam), and you can listen to the tracks at their website. If you like it, you can buy it also on their website, or from iTunes Music and other digital platforms.

Next week we’ll play two release gigs in Finland (Helsinki on the 7th and Jyväskylä on the 9th) so you are most welcome to come if you’re around!

Cheers /Joona

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Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Man, I bought your new album on iTunes right now and listened a bit.
Great stuff! The sound is really cool, and I really dig the songs and the arrangements. Congrats, man (and you, Tap)!
Your new homepage is also looking very sharp. Nice design.


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