Jazz & Fly Fishing DVD out now!

After a long wait – here it is: The Jazz & Fly Fishing Season One DVD, is officially released today, 25th of May 2012! It comes in an exclusive double DVD digipak and is region free. Get your copy at our shop and spread the word!


Dark Montreal

Hot damn.

I will be hosting the Canadian DVD release party as soon as the postman drops it in my mail box.


DVDs came yesterday… We (me with my husband) were enjoying them “all-in-one-time” from 9.pm until 0.30 am. Our whisky was Ardbeg

Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Helena – Good to hear! Ardbeg is one of my favorites and I can imagine it goes well with the DVD!

For all you who are waiting for their DVDs – we are processing the orders as fast as possible. The amount of pre-orders was a pleasant surprise for us ;) All ordered DVDs should be posted by the end of this week!


Mine arrived this morning in the UK!

I loved the way you found a stamp with a Salmon fly on (10KR Swedish stamp) to post it with!


By a miracle you have all met, but it’s a miracle for us too. Thanks for sharing your project and adventures with us. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both DVD’s (watched them twice already, arrived on Wednesday UK). Best of luck to all of you!


I saw both dvds last nice, and this morning again I saw episode 7 again with my wife while having breakfast. The concert for The one man audience is one of many top spots on the dvds. Looking forward to sesong to, and keep up the good work

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Glad you like it, Dark montreal!
Season 2 will be out in early 2013, probably in March.


what an extraordinary sublime pleasure to watch, thank you, thank you


..and when you rejoin Joona for that gig, well, there was nearly a tear as you all play


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