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The Italian jazz site JazzConvention (J.C.) has just published an interview with a couple of the Jazz & Fly Fishing guys. Read it, and you’ll find answers to questions such as “If each of you were a fish, which fish would it be?” or “Who, among you, has the best score in fishing?”

There’s also a review of our album, and here’s an excerpt:

Pianist (Joona) Toivanen provides mainstreamed and Blue Note sound-influenced compositions, perfectly crafted for jazz club gigs, Hatch and Czech Nymph, while Stubø focus on landscape-designing slide guitars on Lahppoluobbal and Slow Walking Water. Again, In All Lights On and Attrapp, Toivanen puts away his acoustic piano, showing a groovier personality on Wurlitzer and Rhodes, while pushing the rhythm section to speed-up its support, as in the case of Tapani Toivanen, who performed solid and creative bass lines all the time. Hamrå, instead, possesses a surprisingly, at least for a drummer, melodic sensibility, expressed in the quiet opening track Something or in the Gospel-like Last Station.

The JFF rehearsal room


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