I'm Out of Focus – But it's Good

Ahh back in beautiful Copenhagen again ! On our “two week glide” up north we were doing of course a lot of fishing, music, filming, casting – all of which require good focus for results. Back in the city I can finally let go and be out of focus… No fish to catch, no Håvard to film…

I went through some of the Season Two video material that we got from the trip. We had many great moments there and many of them had a kind of surreal quality to them. Looking back at it I remember a hazy feeling caused by lack of sleep and the long hours of filming and fishing. Adding to the hazyness of the material is the fact that focusing with video dslrs is so damn difficult that half of my frames always end up more or less out of focus anyways…

Building on this theme I have decided to make a whole new series of screencaptures of out of focus hazy stuff 🙂 Enjoy! And of course making some sort of Season Two trailer video of the same stuff would be a priority 1.



Am I the only with a problem: when I click a picture, it doesn’t come bigger but disappears? Only title text stays left – strange. Tight lines anyway.

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hi Arnold, we use a plugin called the Lighbox which uses JavaScript. Do you have JavaScript enabled? If you do and are still getting problems, maybe we have to update the plugin…


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