Ice Age

My computer is a bit strange right now and it does not allow me to upload any pics. Since I’m in a hurry this blog will be a bit weird. The ice is tooooo thick around Gothenburg, we will not be able to fish for at least one month, that is for sure! Aaaahh! The last week I have been tying flies every day. Many flies! The madness i growing in my head! It is not that I need more flies, probably I don’t. But every time I sit down in my little “working room”  and create these small monsters, I am back there in the stream or the lake with the rod in my hand. Maybe you can call it… meditation!? Yea, it sounds nice and serious! And now, right now, this second, I really have to go. Tell you more about that later guys! Well, that’s it! By by and see you in one week!



Okay, some signs of life from Fredrik. He’s apparently skiing in Northern Sweden. And probably faster than most of the Olympic skiers!


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