How To Remove a Hook From a Human Body

Here´s a trick every angler should know: how to remove a barbed hook without any tools at all. It´s swift and painless!

While casting for a big, rising seatrout in the middle of the subarctic summer night, Tapani was unforunate enough to hook himself in the nose with a big fly. Luckily, I have done this procedure several times (even on myself once), and knew the super trick – otherwise there would have been a lot more blood involved…

Czech it out:


Lars Hamrå

Great!!! Should work also when removing the hook from a too small fish, without hurting the fish (like the trout Håvard showed in a previos photo), or???


Why did you not just leave the hook there? Piercing is so popular.
A caddis in the lower lip, and a streamer in the nose – nice!


Ackording to doctor Håvard you can practise this trick on a piece of fresh meat! Not on your self as Tapani did. He’s kind of macho…


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