HDR in the land of Sauna


It’s good to hear Håvard’s still catching trout up north despite the disappearing daylight and descending temperatures. I haven’t unfortunately had too many fishing opportunities lately, but there’s some other nice stuff going on:

Last weekend I went to our summer cottage in Central Finland. I installed the software called Magic Lantern to my Canon DLSR and played around with that for a couple of days. It’s a sort of hack that allows the camera user to access lots of  functions that don’t exist in the regular camera menus. I did some experimenting with HDR photography in the beautiful autumn light, and also when warming the sauna. HDR pictures are made by combining several exposures of the same frame to a single shot, boosting the images dynamic range. You get more details out of shadows and highlights, and the result is more “flat” image with less contrast. Doing this with pictures feels a little bit like adding compressors to music. The result can be quite nice when used carefully, but it’s very easy to overdo and end up with cheesy results when you turn the knobs too far (but that can be fun too!). I also went to the woods and found humongous amounts of trumpet chantarelles. Good recepies anyone?

I’m also working on several music projects – at the moment I’m on my way back home from Stockholm where I recorded some newly written Finnish childrens’ music for the Swedish Radio. The next weeks there are some jazz gigs coming up and in between I’m working on a solo piano album, which is very exciting and inspiring, but also a little bit scary to be honest. More about that later!

I missed the end of the sea trout season in Gothenburg, so now it’s a 6 month wait until next time. But the lakes are fishable until the ice comes so there is definitely some more fishing to come soon!

And some autumn pictures to finish with. Some in HDR, some more regular shots. Tight lines! /J


Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks Matias! I’ll make that soup for sure. I was wondering if I also would grind some dried chantarelles into a powder and make a sort of pesto with parmesan, olive oil, garlic and herbs. Has anyone tried something like that?

Finn Michael

Are you sure those two mushrooms in the first pic are trumpets? Difficult to tell from the picture, but they seem to be a different spieces… Hope you didn’t eat them!

Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Finn Michael – thanks for the concern, I’m still alive and I think I actually left those two alone. I can’t remember though if they were trumpets or some other ones – as you say, difficult to tell from the picture.


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