Guess what…

Alright… this is what happened yesterday: (if you don’t know what I’m talking about – take a fast look at the previous blog)

The wind turned when I took my first steps in Malmö. The direction of the current switched direction at the same time, something that happens every now and then. In general, it will last only for a couple of hours or sometimes up to 24 hours until the current will switch again. This time it stayed wrong all the time!! The sea level sank at the same time, why am I not surprised. It is hard to describe what it feels like to fish, when you now you only have a certain amount of time, and that the fishing will be crap. Instead of trout, millions of horn fish invaded the area. If you want to catch sea trout, horn fish is your worst enemy.

After one whole day of cold fingers, no trout, 50 horn fish and 10.000 casts, the mental strength tend to go down a little bit. Right now I am very weak, sitting on the bus back to Gothenburg. I’m trying to hide behind the seat but it is hard when you have a guy next to you. Probably he is glancing on the text right now until he reads this sentence. I´m tempted to wright something ugly just to find out….

Anyway – I have a gig in Strömstad tonight, a small town up north along the west coast of Sweden. The gig place is situated in a very good (!) sea trout area. This means the war is not over yet. There is still hope! I wont back down that easy. Tomorrow morning I will post a very short blog including a beautiful trout that will be caught tonight between the sets. Do you believe I will catch?

Actual se cambia a la dirección equivocada, el agua baja, pescado podrido, no haytruchas, no hay energía

Der Strom wird in die falsche Richtung, geringe Wasseraufnahme, faulem Fisch, keineForelle, keine Energie eingeschaltet

Le courant est passé à la mauvaise direction, l’eau, les poissons pourris, pas de truites, pas d’énergie/ Fredrik




Bad luck Fredrik, I had my first blank of the season this week too, so I know how it feels…hope the wind and tides are in your favour tonight 😀


PMA!!!! Seriously man, if you just keep listening to the bad brains it will happen.

Don’t care what they may say we got that attitude
Don’t care what they may do we got that attitude
Hey we got the P.M.A.
Hey we got the P.M.A.
Hey we got the P.M.A.

Imagine that to a hard core rasta infused beat and you get the idea.

Fredrik Hamrå

Oh man, no fish yesterday. I had my shortest fishing session ever, it lasted in 4 minutes. When we arrived to the gig place, I ran out of the car and rigged the rod meanwhile the rest of the guys had some food. Then I turned on the gps on the iphone and ran towards the sea. Unfortunately there was no straight path, only bushes, trees and cow fences. When I finally found a good place, I had time to make only five cast. No trout! Tomorrow – a new week, new possibilities!


Well at least you got those five casts man…it’s always good to get next to the water. I spent all day in the darkroom developing pictures while outside it was the warmest sunniest day we have had for weeks!! I wouldn’t have minded so much but last week I went fishing instead of doing some printing and the weather was terrible and the water was cold and I didn’t catch a thing….now that’s Karma!! 😀


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